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Gurmat Perspectives on Jeevan Mukt (liberated while alive) – S. Pritam Singh Kohli

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The presentation on Jeevan mukta as an Ideal Sikh person will explore several direct references in the Sikh canonical literature to the jivan-mukta.These references help us in defining the concept, its pre-requisites, determining its characteristics-spirtual as well as Ethico moral  , his role and relevance to society, and the higher place in the Sikh religious thought to the jivan-mukti vis-a-vis the videh-mukti.
Reference will be made to other synonyms used for the jivan Mukta such as:Gurmukh or the Guru oriented as against the manmukh or the self-willed, giani(j knower or enlightened,brahmigiani (brahmanjanani) or the knower of Brahm, Sachiara or the knower of Truth, Panch or Elect Khalsa and jodh maha bal sur with the implication of this heroism being exclusively moral and spiritual.
The significance of other related terms like “Jeevat Marna” and “Sabdey Marna” will be examined.
Sikh Theology and Philosophy of liberation will also be explored interactively.

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Japji p. 32 (Jessi Kaur)

Video of Session

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  2 Responses to “Jeevan Mukta (S. Pritam Singh Kohli) and Japji p. 32 (Jessi Kaur) – January 2015”

  1. Dear S. Pritam Singh Ji,

    I enjoyed listening to your account on ‘Jivan Mukt’.

    I am not sure if you covered on your slides pointing out that:

    ‘Jivan mukt jis ridhe Bhagwant’ – Sukhmani Sahib. Divine immersion is prerequisite to “Jivan Mukt”.

    With regard to the concept of ‘Nadr’, I like to point out that Waheguru is gracious and Nadr/Grace is Waheguru’s prerogative. Nadr comes as a divine gift without one’s efforts. The moment one regards as his/her doing, houmai comes in and the Nadr disappears.

    All our Gurus enjoyed divine Nadr/Kirpa/Gurparsad …. and they never claimed their doings (e.g ho apaa bol na jandeh).

    Guru Nanak Sahib says:

    “aap gavaiye ta soh payiaiee, oor kesi chaturayi”

    The story of Bhai Jetha Ji who rose to the level of Gurudom is a Gurmat stamp on importance of Divine Nadr.

    Even -‘kirpa kare je aapni ta gur ka sabd kamaai’.

    With Wahegur’s blessings.

    Kirpal Singh
    New Zealand

  2. S. Pritam Singh,

    I enjoyed your presentation. Are you familiar with the book “The Socially Involved Renunciate” ?


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