Apr 192015

Gurmat Perspectives on Maya – S. Pritam Singh Kohli


The Term Maya occurs in SGGS hundreds of times which enables one to explore its various aspects, dimensions, features, functions, and roles etc.
    The Presentation will explore interactively with Saadh Sangat some of the important issues listed below along with those likely to be raised during discussions.
1.     What is Gurmat’s conception of Maya?
2.     What is the metaphysical thought on which it is based?
3.     Who created Maya?
4.     What was the purpose for Maya’s creation?
5.     Did Gurus used the term as in earlier traditions?
6.     If not, how did they expand its application and enriched the concept?
a.     Use of metaphors and specific expressions?
b.     Linkage with other metaphysical concepts?
7.     Through which means does Maya function?
8.     which are its malignant influences?
9.     How to escape or dispel those influences?

Slide Presentation

Video of Session

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