Apr 102016

Vichaar – Nanak Naam Chardi Kalaa

Video of Session


  One Response to “Nanak Naam Chardi Kalaa (S. Jagmohan Singh – March 2016”

  1. Dear S. Jagmohan Singh Ji,

    Your talk was enlightening indeed and so are the comments by other members especially by S. Pritam Singh Kohli Ji.

    May I humbly add the following:-

    Both the verses ‘Nanak Naam Chardi kalaa…… and Nanak Naam jahaz hei…..are not part of the Gurbani but do represent gist of Gurbani based on the Anubhav of Gurbani of some enlightened Gurmukhs.
    In both cases Naam stands for the TRUTH (Sat of Mool Mantar) and it embodies ‘Spiritual Strength’ / ‘Divine Sohjee’.
    Naam cannot be defined or explained. It can be realized and experienced through Sabd-Guru, which grants the necessary might (faith) and light (Sohjee). There are examples of various Gurmukhs who obtained Naam with Grace/Nadr/Kirpa/Mehr/Gurparsad.
    The finest examples are of Bhai Lehna Ji and Bhai Jetha Ji who got dissolved in their respective Gurus through Naam by losing their houmai/ego. The magic of Naam is amply demonstrated in how Jetha Ji was transformed through Naam to rise from rags to riches not only in ordinary wealth but in Spiritual Wealth as well.
    The power of Truth (Naam) is so great that no one should be concerned in asking others to explain or prove it. One should only be concerned with being in this state and living it.
    The poetic verse which is title of S. Jagmohan Singh’s talk touches on the strength of ‘Naam’, which is pivotal in Sikhi.

    It sums up that ‘Naam’ is a tool (Kalaa) that fills a person with such a degree of optimism (much more than anand and santhok) that makes a person ‘Pur-Upkari’ who on obtaining ‘Naam’ becomes instrumental in serving one and all.

    The state of Naam comes by when Waheguru is in the driving seat:-

    ਆਪੁ ਗਵਾਈਐ ਤਾ ਸਹੁ ਪਾਈਐ ਅਉਰੁ ਕੈਸੀ ਚਤੁਰਾਈ ॥ (Raag Tilang M. 1, GGS. 722-13).
    Aap Gavaaeeai Thaa Sahu Paaeeai Aour Kaisee Chathuraaee ||
    Give up your selfhood, and so obtain your Husband Lord; what other clever tricks are of any use?

    A Sikh imbued with ‘Naam’ is ik-mik with Waheguru and accepts the Divine Hukam as It comes and lives accordingly. The history of Sikh Gurus and Gurmukhs testifies the strength of ‘Naam’.

    With Waheguru’s blessings.

    Kirpal Singh
    Wellington, New Zealand

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