SGGS Conference 2014

Translation and Transliteration of Gurbani - Dr. IJ Singh
How to win the battle within - S. Jarnail Singh
Guru is the Shabad, the Word - S. Pushpindar Singh
Education Delivery: A Framework According to Gurbani - Dr. Gurinder Pal Singh
Hurt, betrayal and Forgiveness - Sn. Jessi Kaur
The Pursuit of Happiness - Dr. Inder Mohan Singh
Being and becoming a Sikh --A Journey In Consciousness - S. Ravinder Singh Taneja
The Concept of Mukti in Sri Guru Granth Sahib - Dr. Satpal Singh
Nanak, jeevteyaa mar rahiye: to die, while living, every moment - Dr. Inderjit N. Kaur
Universal Sikhi - Across cultures, religions and continents - S. Gurumustuk Singh


Is Sikhism Turning Into The Superbowl? February 3, 2015 by I.J. Singh A SPECTATOR SPORT I.J. Singh As a moderately devoted fan, each season I spend many a fruitless hour in front of the TV watching American Football. It is not a game I play at all or understand all that well.  I have been watching it […]

Burnished or Tarnished --   I.J. Singh

Burnished or Tarnished — I.J. Singh

BURNISHED OR TARNISHED I.J. Singh This column today is not a requiem for anyone in particular. There are a few “givens” in life.  One that stands out is that we all, each of us, like all that are born will die.  There is no escaping it hence the question that Guru Granth challengingly posits: “What footprints will […]

The Amazing Guru Gobind Singh - Inder M. Singh

The Amazing Guru Gobind Singh – Inder M. Singh

Guru Gobind Singh Ji has a very special place in the hearts of all Sikhs. He is a father figure for all of us and a great source of inspiration. His teachings and his exemplary life is in fact very relevant to all of us here in America in the 21st century. In an age […]

FOES & FRIENDS: Betwixt & Between - I.J. Singh

FOES & FRIENDS: Betwixt & Between – I.J. Singh

FOES & FRIENDS: Betwixt & Between I.J. Singh Over the years I have had the good fortune to work with many Sikh institutions in the United States; not too intimately but closely enough to see their blemishes, wrinkles and warts.  I have seen them through their good days and bad.  And I include here a […]

A Distant Beat, A Different Drummer

(Nishaan (Nagaara) Issue IV, 2012 Pages2-4, 2012)Editorial A DISTANT BEAT, A DIFFERENT DRUMMER I.J. Singh The spell of the past is always enchanting, sometimes empowering. Is it a prison or can it set us free? History never leaves us.  It makes us what we are, so it is ever with and within us.  And we […]

Sri Guru Granth Sahib – A brief Overview by Jessi Kaur

Sri Guru Granth Sahib – A brief Overview Jessi Kaur On September 1, 1604 Sri Guru Arjan Dev completed the compilation of Adi Granth and installed it in Sri Harimandir Sahib. This was a very significant event in Sikh history that gave us two important institutions. Harimandir Sahib became a special center for Sikh congregations […]

Guru Nanak’s Message for today’s Flat, Interconnected World

Guru Nanak’s Message for today’s Flat, Interconnected  World   Inder M. Singh Chairman, Chardi Kalaa Foundation     Introduction   Five hundred years ago in Northern India, Guru Nanak preached a beautiful universal message of faith, love and truthful living. His message was not meant for a particular religious or ethnic group. He addressed all […]

Sukh and Dukh (Happiness and Sorrow)

By Dr. Inder Mohan Singh j[ suKu w[ih t tuJih AraWI wuiK BI tuJ{ iWAaeI .2. Je sukh deh ta tujheh araadhee, dukh bhee tujhai dhiaa-ee. When you bless me with happiness, I worship You gratefully. Even in pain, I reflect on You. || 2 || j[ BuK w[ih t iet hI raja wuK ivic […]

The Sikhs, Sikhism and Order of the Khalsa

by Dr. J. S. Neki All over the World the Sikhs are celebrating the tercentenary of the Order of the KHALSA. The Sikhs form the fifth largest religious group, around 20 million strong. The Order of the Khalsa is their elite Order. Previously inhabiting only the Indian subcontinent, the Sikhs are now to be found […]