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While we usually think of living and dying as opposing, Gurbani also speaks of a kind of living and dying that are in conflux. In this presentation, I explore the message in Sri Guru Granth Sahib of this manner of living and dying, and their convergence, and then reflect on what that might mean in practical terms, every day, every moment.

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Dr. Inderjit N Kaur is Research Associate in the Music Departmentat UC Santa Cruz, specializing in the historical, aesthetic and performative aspects of Sikh Shabad Kirtan. She has published and presented widely for the academia as well as the community. She has worked closely with 11th generation raagi, late Bhai Avtar Singh, and at his request, translated into English the text of his four-volume book on raags and historical compositions from the Sikh tradition. Her research has offered a significant new interpretation of the term “ghar” in shabad titles, as melodic variations from different locales (www.SikhMusicHeritage.org), and a critique of the term “Gurmat Sangit” (http://www.global.ucsb.edu/punjab/journal/v18_1-2/articles/9_ShabadKirtan.pdf).  Inderjit holds an MA in Ethnomusicology and a PhD in Economics, both from UC Berkeley. She has earned senior diplomas in Indian classical music and in Indian classical dance. Singing Shabad Kirtan has been an integral part of her whole life.


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