Jan 302012

(Translated by Inder M. Singh, based on Nitnem by Swami Rama)

Raag Raamkalee Mahallaa Teejaa, Anand
Ik Ongkaar Satgur Prasaad

The Lord is Supreme, One and Alone.
By the grace of the true Guru, can He be kno                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ared his Light.

O inner spirit, hold the Lord close forever.
The bondage of all pain, His touch will sever.

The Lord will shelter you and be your guide;
For all your needs He Himself will provide.

The Lord is powerful in every way,
Why should you forget the Lord to obey?

Nanak says: O my soul, remain still and awed,
Always and  forever feel the presence of God.

In Your house, my Lord, all things are complete;
Upon receiving Your gift, one’s life is replete.

The Lord’s Name will resound deep in your heart;
Singing God’s melody will be your part.

Let your heart be filled with the Lord’s praise.
To the greatest heights, your consciousness raise.

Nanak says: Is there anything that can compete?
In Your house, my Lord, all things are complete;

The Lord’s Name shelters and guides my life;
Fulfilling all needs, it ends all strife.

Your Divine Naam resounds in my mind;
It stills all desires, and brings peace sublime.

Peace and light I experience through the holy Name;
I am devoted to the One who is always the Same.

Nanak says Love the Name with deep devotion.
Your Name guides my way on life’s stormy ocean.
For those in whose heart the Lord constantly dwells,
Ring the heavenly sounds – divine music and bells.

The Name of the Lord is heard with delight
By the chosen, in love with the Lord and His Light.

The Lord gives strength to still all desires
And the fear of death that the mind acquires.

Those who are blessed by the Lord Divine
Are deeply absorbed in Him in their minds.

Nanak says the fortunate are granted the Name
They hear in their hearts, the divine refrain.

(40, The Final Verse)

O fortunate listener, let this song inspire
And still the waves of your mind’s desire.

Through this song of joy the Lord is attained,
All sorrow and sadness forever restrained.

I’m absorbed in the name that I now cherish;
My grief, distress, and regrets shall perish.

Blessed are the saintly, God’s Name they embrace
Filled with joy and bliss through the Guru’s grace.

Those who repeat the Lord’s Name in their mind
Are pure and serene, their actions are refined.

When the Guru to them His grace imparts
The Lord will inhabit and guide their hearts.

Nanak says the blissful sound of sublime emotion
Is heard by the seeker of love and devotion.

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