Sep 072016

The role of women in building a future for the Sikhs – A panel discussion with young Sikh women

Panel members:

Dr Charan Kanwal Singh
Reshma Singh
Arjot k. Sandhu
Divya Jyot Kaur
Eileen Kaur Alden
Harbir Kaur Bhatia


The panel explores how it is to be a woman with sikh values and looking back at the steps taken today to create success 500 years later. its a process of envisioning and developing a roadmap to a Sikh community working back from an end goal of a vibrant Sikh culture and values. How do you create men and women that enhance the faith and not diminish it.

Video of Panel Discussion

About the Panel Leader

supreetbSupreet is Chairman of SikhNet’s board and creator of SuperSikh, the first Sikh superhero comic. His ongoing spiritual journey brings practical applications making Sikhi relevant in a modern world. A former CIO, Venture Capitalist and Global Partner he has been in IBM, SGI, KPMG, CA and The White House. Post 9-11, with others he founded Sikh Communications Council. Today as a Silicon Valley executive, he helps companies with innovation, Mergers & Acquisitions, IT and strategy.  He is an Adjunct Professor & Executive-in-Residence at University of Tenneessee, Knoxville.

  One Response to “The role of women in building a future for the Sikhs”

  1. Dear Khalsa Jee……..Waheguru jee ka Khalsa Waheguru jee ki Fateh ……….I really enjoyed viewing the video & the views shared by all the penalists . S Supreet Singh Jee concluded with wonderful remarks made by S Ggan Singh ,” THE YOUNG KHALSA ” …….Commendable work done in LOVE of GURU GOBIND SINGH JEE ………CONGRATS.
    I wish I could be a part of this seminar & highlighted better the statement of Sir Santokh Singh Jee based on real life experience enjoyed as a Major rank officer in Corps of EME of INDIA ARMY. Connection with Infinite bliss of truth in the heart i.e. NAAM is the purpose of life . Worldly success is a bonus of that effort !!!!!.
    Bibi Jee present in the conference has her bliss level of LOVE of GURU very high & her expression of her feelings is wonderful. S Jujhar Singh is a wonderful gursikh indeed.
    KHALSA has appeared on this planet as a result of top level pleasure of Baba NANAK JEE & has been tasked to liberate humanity suffering from artificial bliss of materialism or slavery etc…But through super powers of LOVE of GURBANI .
    I feel strongly & desire to share that this wonderful act/seminar of sharing is very important on Chardikala TV Channel in INDIA on Sundays or at least once in a month . This is very educative for the youth of Khalsa Panth at global level SINCE they have an earnest desire to consolidate their roots of LOVE of GURU. I have posted 28 blogs on my website to share my LOVE of GURU GOBIND SINGH in life. …….
    The world is full of challenges & I see the struggle of my own son in USA during the last 15 years. I salute him for his way of life of divine love. He had planned for my move for OCT 2016 since last year but this year conference has been advanced by you in SEP 2016. I miss it very badly………..With divine love

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