Aug 072017

By walking the walk with SGGS and our beloved Gurus, are Sikhs designed to be civic entrepreneurs, public ombudsmen, or leaders?

Harbir Kaur Bhatia


Sikhi’s universal principles of Naam and its birth in a time of turmoil with 200 years of invasions, religious oppression and misuse, and Moghul and Brahman leadership has presented a way of life that is resilient, practical, inclusive, and of high ideals! Sikhi has fundamentally given high value to activism, equality, justice, community service and brotherhood; and empowered all for direct connection with “GOD”, irrespective of identification or religion. “Recognize the human race as one”, said Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and proclaim “the betterment of all, sarbat da bhalla”, said Guru Nanak.  From a laymen’s practice of Sikhi, Harbir sites examples from SGGS and our beloved Gurus about the design for leadership, and why more Sikhs are needed for successful societies!

By walking the walk of Sikhi, a Sant -Sipahi, could the future Governor be a Sikh? Could the future US President be a Sikh?


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About the Author

Harbir is a very active community leader in Santa Clara and Santa Clara County. Her background includes 20 years of Engineering and an even longer history of volunteerism and community development. Today she is a Commissioner with the City of Santa Clara Cultural Commission, Board Member of The Chamber of Commerce, a Rotarian, Library Foundation Board Member, founder of Joy of SEWA, and most recently the CEO of HI5 Youth Foundation, amongst others. Harbir was recognized as a ‘Community Hero’ by the State of California and was given “Women’s Empowerment: Inspiring Achievers Award”.

Through community organizing, she has become known for bringing “Sikh Awareness” in City of Santa Clara and South Bay cities. She hopes to help increase Sikh awareness in other cities, and activate more Sikhs to be community leaders. As she is currently paving ways for Sikh community in Santa Clara.

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