Aug 072017

I. J. Singh


All existence is the visible expression of Hukam and defies comprehension.

Hukum, central to most religions, often implies micromanagement by the Creator. Life is really the one breath we are engaged in at any given moment.  The breath that preceded it is the past; the breath yet to be taken is the future, never guaranteed.  The breath we are in defines the present; that alone is life.  Accept gracefully whatever happens — it is not in the realm of the impossible. Stop worrying and start living; treasure the moment that stands between life and death. This promises constant renewal in life. Look not to an imaginative string of past lives, and cyclical births for transferring responsibility to unknown others.

The Creator created systems for life to exist and evolve, allowing us considerable free will to rewrite our own narrative. We live and die by a complex interaction of genes and environment. Which of life’s battles to fight and from which to walk away? This, the most difficult to see as the determinant of sanity and survival, is the wisdom of Hukam and sets the trajectory of our lives.

Hukum: Accept the unexpected turns of life — pain and pleasure — as two robes in the wardrobe.

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About the Author

I.J. SINGH came to the United States in 1960 on a Murry & Leonie Guggenheim Foundation fellowship. He received a PhD in anatomical sciences from the University of Oregon Medical School (now Oregon Health Sciences University), and a DDS from Columbia University. He is a professor emeritus of anatomical sciences at New York University. He serves on the Editorial Advisory Boards of the Sikh Review (Calcutta) as well as Nishaan (New Delhi), and writes a regular internet column on Sikhi

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