Mar 302012

                        Kabit  Bhai Gurdas Jee  (A K 208)

                         Charan saran gur ayk paindaa jaa-e chal,

If you take even one step forward to seek shelter at the feet of the Guru

             Satgur kot paindaa aagay ho-e layt hai

He will take a million steps forwards to receive you.

                              Ek baar satgur mantr simran maatr,

Once you obtain the Mantar or medicine of Naam Simran from the Guru

                        simran taahe baarng baar gur hayt hai.

Then you will repeat His Name over and over again out of love for Him

            Bhaawni bhagat bhaa-e kaodi agrbhaag raakhai,

If you put a penny as an offering before the guru with loving devotion

            taahe gur sarb nidhaan daan dayt hai

The Guru will bless you with every kind of treasure

                        Satgur da-ya nidh mehmaa agaadh bodh,

The Satguru is the treasure of kindness, his glory is beyond comprehension

                        namo namo namo namo nayt nayt nayt hai.

I bow deeply in reverence to Him, who is infinite and absolute.

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