Aug 182017

Shabad 1: Tu Sajan tu Pritam mera , chiteh na bisreh kahoo bera ; Raag: Suhi

Trainer: Prof Dalbir Singh

Prof. Dalbir Singh has been spreading the knowledge of Gurmat Sangeet to the seekers with devotion and dedication for the last thirty-five years. He is the son of the renowned Taus player, Giani Beant Singh, who was a disciple of Ragi Bhai Juwala Singh of Thattha Tibba gharana. Dalbir Singh was awarded with a gold medal in B.A. Honors Music from the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. And later, received his Master’s in music from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Since then, he has been teaching all over the world from India, to Thailand, and now in bay area, California. Dalbir Singh also has published three books in Gurmat Sangeet. His latest book, Gurmat Sangeet Rachnavali, has 122 compositions in 31 nirdharit Raags of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Participant : Sania Kaur

Sania Kaur Bhella is a 10th-grade student at University Preparatory Academy and has been learning kirtan from San Jose Khalsa School since she was 10.  Kirtan inspires her because it allows her to connect with the Gurbani and follow guru’s message to be a better person. She loves to sing the melodious praise of Guru’s grace, allowing her to be in the presence of Waheguru. She loves playing Rabab, Harmonium and enjoys science, specifically biology.



Participant : Mahima Kaur

Mahima Kaur Bhella is a 7th-grade student at University Preparatory Academy and has been learning Kirtan since she was 6 through Khalsa School. Doing Kirtan inspires her to learn more about Raags and Taals and really explores the world of Gurbani Kirtan. Mahima plays Harmonium, Dilruba, and Tanpura while also singingin Raag. She also enjoys dancing and acting.



Participant: Gurleen Kaur

Gurleen Kaur is a sophomore at Silver Creek High School and has been learning Kirtan at Khalsa school for 7 years. She loves Kirtan because it helps her learn more about her faith and helps her connect with Waheguru. Gurleen likes to spend time with her family and wishes to become a doctor in the future.

Participant: Japleen Kaur            

Japleen Kaur is in 7th grade in Chaboya Middle School and has been learning Kirtan since she was four years old. Kirtan inspires her because when listening and singing to shabads with Raags, she feels at peace and connected with Waheguru. In general, she enjoys being in the student council and carrying out community projects with her fellow members

Participant: Kunwarpreet Singh

Kunwarpreet Singh is a Grade 12 student in Evergreen Valley High School and has been learning Tabla since he was 9 years of age from Khalsa school. He also does Kirtan. He loves playing tabla because it’s an escape for him, from his fears and problems in life. He plays 3 instruments, speaks 4 languages, plays 2 sports, and wishes to pursue a career in Aerospace Engineering






Shabad 2: Suhab, Suhab, Suhavi. Apney Pritam key Rang Rati; Raag: Suhi


Trainer: Bibbi Leena Kaur

Bibbi Leena has been spreading Gurbani’s message through multiple Radio channels for many years. Her interest in music originally started with exploring the 31 Raags in SGGS ji to understand and internalize the depth of Gurbani teachings. It quickly expanded to different horizons in music with desires to revive Sikh heritage instruments among our younger generation, and extend the richness of Sikh musical background and lyrics in Punjabi language to everyone. She is very inspired to bring the depth and light of Gurbani teachings through her music and seeks blessings from everyone in her endeavors.



Participant: Bhavandeep Kaur

Bhavandeep has been doing Kirtan for 8 years and was influenced by her sister and uncle as she watched them play for many years. She loves Kirtan because it’s fun to perform and she loves to sing and thinks it sounds beautiful. She attends Evergreen Valley High School and is now starting 11th grade.





Participant: Gurdeep Kaur

Gurdeep Kaur is starting college as a freshman at San Jose State University. She has been learning Kirtan since about five years now.  Her dad is her inspiration for learning Kirtan. She loves doing Kirtan because it relaxes her mind and she feels more attached to Gurbani. She plays two instruments: Harmonium and Tanpura.




Participant: Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur is a 9th grade student in Pioneer High School and has been learning Kirtan since she was 6 years old from Khalsa School. She enjoys Kirtan because it keeps her connected to Waheguru. She likes playing Dilruba and Harmonium and enjoys reading and learning math and science.




Participant: Jaspreet Singh

Jaspreet Singh is a 10th grade student at Monta Vista High School and has been learning Kirtan since he was six years old. He is inspired to do Kirtan because he loves music and singing Gurbani. He plays Rabab and Tabla, and also is interested in robotics.





Participant: Keerat Kaur

Keerat Kaur is a student in 12th grade at Monta Vista High School and has been learning Kirtan since she was seven years old. She is inspired to do Kirtan because it allows her to find a sense of tranquility in the busy everyday routine and stay close to Waheguru. Keerat enjoys playing Dilruba, Taus, and Violin. She is also passionate about science and space.



Participant: Sukhveer Singh

Sukhveer is a senior at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino. He has been learning Tabla at Guru Nanak Khalsa School for over seven years. Sukhveer is passionate about playing Tabla and learning Kirtan. He also enjoys playing the violin and is part of the chamber orchestra at his high school




Participant: Tanvir Kaur

Tanvir Kaur is an 11th grade student at University Preparatory Academy, and has been learning Kirtan since she was 6 from Guru Nanak Khalsa School. She enjoys Kirtan because she feels like singing shabads from the Guru Granth Sahib helps her grow closer to Waheguru and create a bond between her and her culture. She likes to play Rabab, Dilruba, sing, and participate in speech competitio


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  1. It is not very often that we have the opportunity to listen to the kirtan in the original raags prescribed by Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Thanks to the teachers and the students for their labor to not only help the tradition live but also to promote it. How wonderful will it be if they form an international organization to promote their style of kirtan in other congregations throughout the North America.

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